What is the difference between backup and sharing ?

Sharing photos with friends is a like creating copies to an external place. But sharing and backing up you photos is very different. You share what you want to exchange and let's your friends to visualize the content and you backup what you want to protect to an external place and your friends don't have any ideas about what your files contain.

This is why, at TudZu, we create to differents services.

How to download my friends' album

To receive album photos (or vidéos) from your friends, start TudZu on your computer, open the friend's album you want to receive. then click on "subscribe to the album". As soon as both computers are at the same moment on the internet the download will start. You will received an email to confirm you that the download is completed at the end. The duration of the operation depend of the amount and the volume of files that there is in the album.

Can't start TudZu on my computer

When you start the TudZu application you get the folowing message:

"The entry point SSL_CTV_sess_set_get_cb can't be found in the DLL ssleay32.dll"

This problem may occur on certain version of windows. (cf: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/837633 ).

To resolve the problem, copy all file from the folder c:\Program Files\Tipi Software\TudZu\lib to the folder c:\Program Files\Tipi Software\TudZu\bin then restart your computer.

If you still have problems please contact the support team at contact@tudzu.com

How to share your picasa album within your groups ?

Uploading your photos is very dangerous for your privacy. If you use Picasa to organise your photos and if you want to share them with your friend and family within a secure environement, TudZu can help you.
Click here to view the tutorial.

Note: Picasa is a trademark of Google Inc.

How do I backup my photos and videos

Your backups are made within a group, on the storage space available for you by other members, at the same time you must create storage space in order to allow other members to backup their files. To manage your storage spaces, log into your web account and select the tab Your Machines. There, you allocate space in a specific group in order to help members to backup. To configure your backup, open the graphic user interface installed on your computer and in the tab Backup select the files and folders you want to protect. If no space is available for you in this group the process is suspended until space becomes available.

How do I share my photos and videos

To share your photo, video and audio files with your friends, you have to:
  • Invite your relatives in your group using your  web account + tab "Your group".
  • Then create an album using the TudZu application installed on your computer (section sharing + tab My Albums + New album)
  • and add files you want to share into.
Each member who wants to receive your photos must subscribe to the album. Thus photos are sent automatically as soon as both computers are on line at the same time on the internet.

How do I invite someone in my group

To share your photos, videos and audio files, with your friends, you must be in the same group.
You can have multiple groups according with your organisation (friends, family ...)
  • Log into your web account on our web site
  • Access your group list by clicking on the tab "Your groups"
  • The group list where you already have subscribed is displayed
  • Click on invite (at the right of the group's name) to access to the invitation form
  • Fill out all fields and enter your friend's email address
  • Click on invite
  • You friend should receive the invitation within 10 minutes
Your friend must click on the link in the email to be a member of your group.

How do I launch the TudZu administration interface

On your computer, you have the choice between:
  • using the shortcut on the desktop
  • using the menu <Programs><Tipi software><TudZu><TudZu>
  • double clicking on TudZu icon located on the toolbar

I can't see my files in the browser

Only digital photos, videos and audio files are authorized. However, if you still don't see your files, contact the TudZu's support team at support@tudzu.com, it's free.

I can't access my friend's albums

To access to friends' albums you must be in the same group. You must start TudZu installed on your computer. Log on into your account and choose the section "sharing". Click on the tab Friend's albums and select a user. If you want to receive the content of an album, you must subscribe to it. As soon as the album's content is transfered onto your computer, an e-mail notification will be sent to you. The network transfers are done directly from one machine to another one according to their availability on the internet.

Why do I have to back up my photos et videos ?

Your data such as photos and videos are very important to you. Backing them up on a CD or DVD even on an external USB disk is not an efficient solution. TudZu provides an automatic service which protects your digital library on a long term basis (automatic detection of newer photos/videos). Your data (photos/videos/audio files) are backed up on group member's machines (off site backup on remote storage nodes) which guarantees the best protection against hardware failure, theft, or natural catastrophe. All backed up data are encrypted to be unreadable by your backup partner.

I am not registered into a group, what do I do ?

To use TudZu you must be registered at least within one group. If you haven't been invited into a group, you should create your own and invite friends to join. Use your web account to create a group.

I have not received my confirmation email

You have created a web account and you do not have received the confirmation email. First, make sure this email has not been treated as "junk". You may also request this confirmation email to be sent again by contacting us  at support@tudzu.com.

How do I activate my TudZu web account?

Once you create your web account, you will receive a confirmation email wich will contain a link to activate your account. Click on this link or copy/paste this url in your internet browser.

I can't log onto my TudZu web account

If you have created a web account, it might be still inactivate (see FAQ) or you may have inserted the wrong password. In this latter case, click on the link "Forgot your password" located on the web login page. If the problem persists, contact the support, it's free.

I an starting with TudZu, how do I proceed?

You have to:
  • Create a web account using the web site
  • Install the software on your computer and start TudZu
  • Create albums with photos and vidéos you want to share (section "sharing" + tab "My albums")
  • Invite your friends using your web account (My TudZu + Your groups)
  • Configure your backups using (section "backup" + select files and folders to backup)
Refer to the installation process and the user guide.

Why use TudZu ?

Your photos and videos represent invaluable moments and, for sure, the most important data on your computer. Most of the time, sharing these files with friends and family is a challenge: Emails are blocked or rejected, sharing web sites raises issues of privacy management, the volume or size is limited, basic p2p is not secured enough. TudZu, a secured network between friends and family, is  the safest and more efficient means to protect and share your data. No more risk losing photos, they are safe on your friend's computers and your photos and videos albums are sent directly and automatically to receivers you've chosen. Moreover, the free version of TudZu meets most people's needs.

Is TudZu secure ?

YES! TudZu encrypts the data transfer and data stored on remote peer using 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Computers are identified with SSL (Secured Socket Layer) to be sure that the remote host is really the right one. Only you, can access your backup data with the key you provide during the installation. Your backup partner CANNOT see neither your files, nor their filename or the folder name.

How much data can I backup

With the TudZu free version you an backup 5 Gb to your friends computer. With the premium version you can backup an illimited volume of data to a USB drive, an another computer or your friends.When your friends subscribe to your group, space is added to help other members to backup. TudZu doesn't fix any rules, anyone can allocate less or more space within a group.to help friend to backup their data.

Can TudZu access my files?

NO, TudZu only stores the listing of your files in order to locate them for a restore. Your files are sent directly to your backup group members and are never stored on TudZu servers.

How to start with TudZu

To start using TudZu you have to:
  • create an account from the tudzu web site
  • be member of a group (a group is created by default by the following configuration)
  • download and install TudZu on your system (Windows or Linux)
  • TudZu start automatically after the installation. If it's not the case click on the TudZu icon
  • proceed with the configuration on your machine
  • log into your web account, you should see:
    • your machine appeared in the list of machine
    • the group list where you subscribed and the member list
TudZu is now properly configured. Look at the FAQ "How do I share my photos and my videos"

I forgot my password

If you have forgot your password, go to the Login page and click on forgotten password. An email with your password will be sent to the address you provide.

How does it work ?

TudZu is a secure private network to share and protect your multimedia documents. Users subscribe into trusted groups to backup and share their multimedia documents